Well it’s all go in here this week !

Today is scan day Friday the bloody 13th arghhhhhhhh nervous does not even come close like. I’m feeling sick sitting in the waiting room all morning !!!! Hurry the fook up and get it over with. The shit thing is having to wait over a bloody week for results.

Killing me here !!!!!

It’s just over 4 months since I had my last scan, where I was told that tumours had spread to my stomach and a new spot on my liver.

After my 6 weeks stint in hospital there im July and August. That literally  knocked the bloody be jaysus out of me. I couldn’t wait to get out of there to get back on track juicing and my diet clean again. Because hospital food literally tastes like muck!! It’s a disgrace what they serve in here.

I needed to get back on track big time as I wasn’t sure whether I was even going to be able to celebrate Hannah turning 3. I felt bad not been able to give her proper birthday as I was playing it by year to see how I felt.

It was the Friday before her birthday the 18th August, I decided to throw her a party. Running around like a headless chicken on the Friday after chemo with my big red face looking for my little pony decos !!

Lucky I had ordered her cake like a good bit in advance just in case. After all the least she deserved was a cake. My little angel. My heart breaks because she doesn’t have a clue about anything that is going on at all. She Just thinks that by her removing my plaster each week when I come home from hospital and giving me hugs that mammy is all better. 

I wish it was that simple my dear Hannah, I wish it was that easy. Although nobody under estimate the power of a 3 year olds hug and smile, it is unbelievable healing in itself 😍😍😍

So Wednesday was pre chemo assessment day, that involves bloods been taken, all boxes ticked or unticked any unusual symptoms constipation diarrohea snotty nose high temperatures or mouth ulcers. I could actually list the 20 questions of the top of my head At this stage. It is all standard protocol in here, prior to your chemo treatment been ordered. 

So Wednesday I was thinking woo hoo I got off Scot free, my bloods counts were too low so no treatment for me on Thursday😁.  I done a little dance because I was thinking yay another week to be left alone but boy I was wrong. The fuckers were getting me to come in today for my scan. They said we get your bloods before hand and if they are back up then we will do treatment after your scan! Wtf double punishment for me ! Pricks !!!!!

Ah man like seriously sitting around for two hole hours while I drank the orange shite they give you. Then to come back down to get fucking told your bloods are back up!! yay in one way but nay in another, cos I was getting chemo so if you see me looking red faced and flushed over the weekend 

I’ve been on the steds aka (steroids) !!! 😂😂😂😂 my face is red and my balls are tiny lol I joke I don’t have balls per say I have imaginary ones that I like to dangle from time to time to remind myself I’ve got the balls to kick the shite of the big C !!!!!!!! 

Balls of Steel baby !!!! 

Love and light my fellow warriors

Till the results come in 😁


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