As I am still sitting here in the hospital ward for my sins !!

Going on 6 weeks on Thursday it is a long time to be away from my little Hannah and my own bed.

It is 3 years today from my original diagnosis I still remember that day like it was yesterday sitting in the breast clinic with my ma and da and heavily pregnant at 34 weeks!!!  I get shivers when I think back to that very day.

You try to put it behind you and move on to the next step but certain dates you will never forget !! How also a lot of things have changed and people too over the last 3 years.

You see you see people’s true colours when you go through Illness and hard times. I suppose some people can’t deal with it or do not know how to deal with it, so they keep their distance or they chose to ignore the fact that you are in fact sick, or sometimes might not be yourself.  I feel my social life has fricken diminished altogether. I long for a night out just to be able to sit out and get merry and have a laugh and go to bed in the early hours after being giggling all night from the drunken banter down the beach. It feels like ages since I done that, just to feel like a normal person again, well not normal but normal 33 year old with a social life if you know what I mean. The last night out for me had been Mia’s wedding and before that it was Christmas with the Coogans. I suffered for a good month after the wedding but that is my own fault. I did go OTT and I was on the dance floor giving it socks to the Luna boys all night !! It was the blow out I needed !! I well and truly enjoyed myself. I did have to build my body back up again using various juices, lotions and potions essential oils etc!!  I will do little run through or list of things that help keep me well and I think are a must in winning the war against the machine 😉

So 3 years on from my original diagnosis going from stage 3 in August 2014 to stage 4 in August 2016 and then June 2017 I was doing amazing up till then, well we all thought I was. Then that end of June scan came up !!!! Of course I would have to be hit with another bomb shell after doing so fucking well. In April’s scan I had a WHOPPER 60 percent shrinkage over all. I mean my target Lesions were down from 88mm to 37 mm. It was bleeding deadly buzz delighra with me stira🤣🤣🤣🤣  Target lesions is how they measure the overall length or span of your solid tumours on ct scan. They measure it by millimetres. I’d love if my tumours were only 88 mm in real life, I would doing really well. So target lesions are measured by solid tumours.  They add all of the total mm in hard tumours from the ct, this is what highlights under the ct scan after the (sugar) substance they use is injected into your arm or wherever. It will show up white on your ct scan. Then non target lesions I can’t remember what mm they were for me as I was only concerned with that mega decrease in solid tumours 😁😁😁  but non target lesions are what can’t be measured as it’s dense material on a ct so not definable enough to measure.  

I did take my foot of the pedal too a bit. Eased back a bit on everything I was doing until I was admitted for breast infection and it’s been one thing after another these last 6 weeks in here. I’ll fill you in again on my hospital ordeal this last few weeks. 

Then we were hit with loads of stress in May this year, a letter came through the door.  Let’s just say someone trying to rumble the nest from doylers past.  What kind of person does something like That, when all we are going through as is, is beyond me. I am fighting to stay well on top of stress of hospital trying to find somewhere to live. It is Bad crack that’s what it is !! Of course I am going to be stressed out over it, amongst other things. It is hard not to be me and Doyler are a team you hit one of us you hit us both !!! Fucking deceitful scheming going on if you ask me !!!

So anyone that knows anyone that has had cancer or dealing with cancer, It is essential that you try and avoid any little stress or worry, it can set your cancer off and trigger an inflammatory response which is what I am guessing happened here. You see in chinese medicine the emotions that are closely linked to the stomach are worry , the emotions that are linked to the liver is anger and frustration. So you can imagine my worry and stress frustration and anger when you have upcoming court date in the middle of everything else going on.

Say no to stress and toxic people in your life because they just do your body more harm than good and you need to be the bigger person and walk away !! Always come from a place of love and if people can’t honour that and be authentic with you then they do not deserve your time and energy as these people are never going to change their ways !

I came to the hospital with a Breast infection and I leave with progression in my stomach and a new spot on my Liver just fucking fine and dandy !! Thank you stress !!!!

But hey this is the deal with stage 4 illness you think you get headway and then boom you get hit with another battleship !!! Yes cancer you sunk my fucking battleship lol but only for that weekend I cried I screamed and I let it all out !!!! I am back in warrior mode again and not letting it win !!

So those of you that seem to try write me off I AM NOT DYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I was I think I know my own body and the doctors would tell me first so fuck right off writing me off and putting me 6 feet under cos I am still here armored up and ready to fucking kick ass !!

So negative Nora’s and people who are toxic in my life you have got to go I do not have time to wasting on other people’s dramas nor do I need to take on their personal lives I am an empathic person and care too much for other people but have to learn not to take their baggage also dealing with cancer takes you on a voyage of self discovery where you sift through the bullshit! I will and can be quite blunt and expect no apologies from the ugly truth.

I read a nice quote on Pinterest earlier that said


I thought how very apt to the shit that has been going on in my life these last few weeks !

I tell ya if I posted on here some of the things people have said or done on me these last few weeks it would show people in very different lights but I wont air all my dirty laundry on my blog I am saving that for my book. 🙂

So there you have it 3 years on back with another bang and still standing to tell the tale

Its hard to see the light in people when all they do is cause you harm !!

Say no to stress and bullshit !!

Dont waste your time love or energy on them !

Love and light xx



6 thoughts on “3 years on !

  1. Keep going Grace focus forward not back and keep saying to yourself well done woman I am a warrior . I have bet breast cancer in remission at present best of luck from another Warrior.

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  2. This is absolutely amazing and so very well written… I did the exact same thing a couple of years ago! I am a very empathic person and my fulltime job is as a carer to people with various physical, learning and emotional disabilities but when I was getting stressed to bits and my mental health started to suffer with crippling panic attacks, of course I blamed it on the job. Turns out, I needed to look closer to home and cut ties with so called “friends” who were causing huge stress to mine and Paddy’s lives. It really is an eye opener when you see people for who they really are and remove the toxic ones from your life. I genuinely think some people need to spend a day in my day centre and let me introduce them to some of the people I work with, see can they help to feed and hoist someone on/off the toilet, talk to them and wipe their bum whilst making sure first and foremost they feel dignified and safe. Take a walk through a cancer ward or the burns unit in St James hospital (the biggest eye opener for me) because most of the haters are walking around in a bubble, so self absorbed and oblivious to other people’s struggles. I adored reading the above article so thank you for sharing and please keep on fighting because you are a true inspiration ♡ Cannot wait to read your book xxx Donna

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    1. That is so true Donna it really is if they took one minute to stand in the other persons shoes or if the shoe was on the other foot it would indeed be a different story.
      Bow down to them I think not.
      Thanks for the lovely feedback x


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