Back to where it all began 

2 years to the bloody day! From my 1st diagnoses never did I think I would be sitting here getting ready for the biggest battle of my life ! I’m sorry Grace cancer is now been found in your lower back, leg and hip wtf!!!!! Shock to the system.  I had been going around with sciatica on and off for nearly 3 months seen Dr /osteopaths /acupuncture no relief I couldn’t stick the pain any longer. So I landed in hospital weds 27th July,  little did I think I would be still in here kept in for just over a week now and then told bone mets and then bang its your Liver on Tues gone. Pass me a bag while I vomit !!   I mean the 1st one was a warm up for me with the universe this one is the real deal. But I am courageous fearless warrior and have every faith I will be back in full health again in no time at all my friends xx keep prayers of positive and intention on my healing and well being ❤❤❤❤ love you all speak soon xx