So during my two week break from hospitals /doctors / midwifes.
I done what I could in preparing my body for what lies ahead. I was ready to stare Cancer in the face.
Envelopes were shooting through my letter box from Vincent’s for various appointments. Hannah had been delivered no time was been wasted! The doctors had requested I have further tests. They need a bigger picture and with me pregnant at the time of diagnosis they were limited in what scans they could do. They had to check and see if cancer was present anywhere else in my body. What were we up against?

We were called for a meeting in the Breast care office Me my partner Breast Surgeon and Breast Care nurse. We decided it was best to go surgery route first we needed it gone ASAP. I was having surgery in the hope I would avoid chemo. I was so wrong !! I had went in with my decision that I wanted both my breasts gone I did not want to be sitting in this office again going shit it is now on the other side. No way! I want them gone now.
I had received my Gene test results the morning before so I had 24 hrs to ponder one boob or two. I tested positive for BRCA2 gene which increases my risk of developing breast cancer to about 85% and also a 34% chance of ovarian cancer. I had been saying since my mother tested positive. If I did I was going to have them both removed and get new perky boobs then hell ya but thought I had at least another 10 more years left with my ole nipples

But this was a totally different situation my left breast is going to be done as a preventive and my right side to get all the cancer out as soon as possible. I would be having a double Masectomy at 30 years of age!!
WTF is right as your prob thinking, you can imagine it’s a big decision to elect to have both your breasts taken off as well as pregnancy hormones, a new born and my mother. How the fuck was I still standing at this stage? The stakes are far too high. I had just had a beautiful baby girl she needs her Mom.

My MRI (Magnetic Resoning Imaging) was done on both breasts just before my 1st surgery I was warned that it may be painful the way you are positioned for the MRI on your breasts, you are lying on your stomach poking your breasts to square shaped holes covered in yet another blue gown. I had just delivered Hannah 2 weeks previous so they still felt like melons! I could not breast feed due to the Tumour so you can imagine they were pretty full. Any other time I could of fit two boobs in one of the holes LOL. Your lying in this position for 20 mins with your arms above your head. The MRI shows how large the cancer is and whether it involves any underlying muscle and if it is present in any lymph nodes.

I tested positive for the Cancer having spread to my lymph nodes, muscle and surrounding tissues ( fuck you cancer ) how many were infected We don’t know. I was still at this stage in turmoil with myself and everyone around me as my mum was going through chemo at the time. I seen the effects it has on your body first hand with my mother. I was not having Chemo!! No way was I putting that stuff in my body. The hair part wasn’t bothering me it was the poison they put in your body. I was looking at all my options. I said to the surgeon I want them gone. Both breasts get rid now Take them both might as well take the other one while your there. Risk is to high with the Gene. They were advising me against it as I had just had a baby this is big thing emotionally as well to deal with alone along with having your breasts gone . I didn’t care I had made my mind up anyone that knows me knows that I am stubborn bitch, so I wasn’t backing down with the breast surgeon. I want them gone. I do not want to be back here next year. My breast care team still advising me not to go through with it as they would have to remove lymph nodes as well. Recovery is a bit longer. I wont be able to lift Hannah up at all. We left the office that I would think about it. I was still adamant.

It was advised that as we are opting for surgery route first we need to know how far it has spread in the lymphatic system. I would need a Sentinel node biopsy 1st to see how many nodes were affected by cancer. This was scheduled for 9th September 3 weeks after giving birth no time like the present eh !
The day of my 1st surgery it is done as a day case. They inject a dye into your breast where the Tumour is, this goes automatically through your lymphatic system as your body try’s to process and eliminate it. It was pretty fecking sore and it’s full of radioactive dye!! Lovely but I get to be put asleep during it, nice aul rest for me 😉 The dye will show up the doctors once they make an incision under my arm and they then just cut a bunch of nodes. I had woke up and recovered grand feeling hungry and a bit sore nothing too major few pain killers and paper stitches I was grand. Come on I just had a baby 🙂

So we met with breast care again on the Friday following my day case surgery I am telling you I may have well had set up camp in Vincent’s at this stage. But they had results back from my sentinel node biopsy. 36 Lypmh nodes in total removed and 7 tested positive. He then said my tumour had increased in size since the last time he examined me. Remember it started out size of my baby nail it was now like a bloody golf ball. So all I can think in my head were they squeezing the boob of me while I was under. I know its there job but come on. Its how I roll.
Great news my tumour had been flipping spreading like wild fire throughout my breast. My surgery was originally schedule for 23rd Sept it was moved to the 16th what i had to get stuff organised it was Friday i was going to be going to hospital for a week and have my breast whipped off. The thought hadn’t even entered my mind about what it will look like after it was just get this cancer out and off me now. I didn’t care

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