Well it’s a year since my diagnosis and what better way to celebrate with the publishing of my 1st blog post. I have been saying all year, I am writing a book and putting pen to paper as I feel the lack of support for women aged 30 diagnosed with Breast cancer I feel the need to share my story with you all and my typing skills are way faster than my writing plus there is autocorrect 🙂

So what a year its been from giving birth to my beautiful angel Hannah,  14/16  sessions of Chemotherapy, 28 sessions of Radiotherapy, Shaving my head twice, and here’s another curve ball in the equation ! my Mother having Breast cancer at the same time. Excuse my language in future posts too as its been one hell of a fecking year.

The bastard that is cancer that takes the lives of so many each year, was cast upon my mother and me and also everyone around us.

It all started with my 2 aunties having breast cancer a couple of years ago which led them to getting tested for the famous Angelina Jolie BRCA 2 gene. So this enabled my mother to be automatically tested. She was hesitant at first but myself and my sister were keen for her to avail of the service to see if we in fact had the gene or not. See if my mother didn’t have the gene then we would not need to be tested. A simple blood test done in Crumlin which I never thought my mother would have but she did. I sat there in shock thinking bloody hell its all real… No time was wasted she was automatically referred to the team in St Vincents hospital to get the ball rolling on a prevention plan with gyny appointments and breast checks. My mother had been naughty and not had a mammo in 5 years. So off we went to her 1st appointment in Vincents for a Mammogram and me sitting with her in the waiting room heavily pregnant surrounding by women in the lovely blue hospital gowns. My mother was in the changing cubicle at the time after her mammogram and I could hear the 2 girls in the mammo room chatting and me with medical background I knew exactly what they were saying. I knew then but still said nothing and thought it’s not true, I was in denial. So we went home for her to get a phone call the next day to come and see Breast check for results. Well when we were brought to a different room away from normal breast check I knew walking into the room it was positive and then you catch a glimpse at the box of kleenex on the table. Just another woman been told the sad news I am sorry its cancer  lucky enough it’s totally treatable she was told as my mum had no visible lump she just had cancerous cells. She still needed chemotherapy and radiotherapy followed by surgery.

So I was around 32 weeks pregnant at this stage and hormones flying around when your told your mum has cancer, I had been complaining of a lump on my breast myself for a good month a good inch under my nipple, it started out the size of my baby nail. I naturally thought this was a blocked milk duct with me been heavily pregnant it was sore tender and hot. I was placing cabbage leaves in my bra from the freezer, massaging in essential oils trying to break it down, little did I know!!!!!

I rang my doctor to inform her my mother had been diagnosed and just happen to mention my lump on my breast she told me to say to my midwife as I had appointment that week with them.

My midwife said not taking any chances let’s get you referral for breast check as soon as possible. So an appointment came a week later which would have been the Wednesday 30th July 2014. Met the lovely Mr Geraghty in Breast check who felt the lump /mass on my right breast he then suggested they do a mammogram straight away. I was of course apprehensive at first as I was pregnant but I said if absolutely necessary then go for it. I remember sitting in the mammogram waiting room in my lovely blue gown texting the girls saying imagine me having cancer the same time as my mam. My stomach sank they of course been the lovely people they are said don’t be worrying you will be fine. So my mammogram was done and within ten minutes Mr Geragthy was back said we need to do a biopsy of your breast tissue under ultrasound. So all this was done the same day and I was on my own as never did I think for one minute that it would be a tumour and I should have really brought moral support. ( word of advice do not drive home after having a biopsy of your breast ) So I came out of the hospital cupping my sore breast from the biopsy and went to my car and just sobbed what had just happened. I didn’t fully process any of it, I needed to ring Doyler. I had been given an appointment for the Friday I had to wait two flipping days !! That’s two days of not eating or sleeping fucking great to a heavily pregnant lady.

See that’s the thing with cancer its like wild-fire giving the right opportunity to grow!!

I was still at this stage was in denial. Friday the 1st August sitting in the breast check waiting room looking oddly out-of-place while all the women stared at heavily pregnant girl accompanied by her mam and dad. Then my name was called my stomach was in my mouth by this stage.

Then you hear I am afraid it’s not good news, Its cancer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Followed by we need to get a plan organised and get the baby out as soon as possible !!! 😦

WHAT ??????????????????

22 thoughts on “What a year !!!!

  1. God I’m roaring grace. When I read it I could hear your voice saying it word for word. Bravest girl I know
    Keep up the blog I love it xxx


  2. Grace
    I just read your story and I just sat in shock! What you and your mum are going through together is unbelievable.
    You are an inspiration to every woman reading this it happens to all age groups pregnant menopausal it doesn’t matter.
    All I can say is kick its ass and ur mum!!! and u look stunning while doing it!! Sending u both nothing but good wishes ur an amazing lady xxx


  3. What a story I ,,,wow I can’t imagine how u keep the strength up with u and your mam being unwell I do hope u doth doing well speedy recovery and I can’t wait too c blogs keep up the brave strength u have as a young girl xx and prayers


  4. Very well wrote grace , your an amazing person and always was I’ll be following this thinking of you and wishing you all the best xx


  5. I don’t even know what to think of all of this Grace! You are a hero and a winner for sure! Let’s beat this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Hey Grace, what a journey you have been on, and are still on!! Have been praying for you. I’m gonna share your blog if you don’t mind. Keep going Grace xxxxx


  7. Just lying here reading that blog !…. “In tears” go kick its ass Hun both u and ur mum are a credit keep us posted grace wishing u all the best such a strong girlo xx 💕💕💕


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